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volunteers wanted

We are looking for volunteersChris & Co Solicitors is a reputable law firm located in the heart of Brixton since 2004. We are looking for volunteers with or without previous work experience either in legal practice or in Administrative role.Are you a CILEX or law student? Are you looking for opportunities to gain quality work experience in legal practice or ... Read More


Solicitors you can talk to. Housing in Disrepair? We can help. Talk to us > Immigration issues? We can help. Talk to us > Interested in being a volunteer paralegal? Get in touch > Chris & Co Solicitors is a well-known, trusted and growing law firm based in the heart of Brixton, south London. We’re proud to be part of ... Read More

legal falling out

Relationship breakdown – domestic or commercial When a relationship and/or a family breaks down, there is so much to address. Breakdown of relationship, be it domestic or commercial, can be traumatic and stressful. Property, access to and custody of children, business interests, finance, the list goes on. It is a time when the ability to function normally or rationally is ... Read More


Dispute Resolution Communication is one of the remedies for a lasting relationship. Do you need to take legal action or perhaps you’re facing legal action taken against you? Actions to get redress in a whole range of civil litigation matters such as property dispute between partners or family members, trespass, breach of contract, negligence and the like require cutting edge ... Read More

power of attorney

Lasting Power of Attorney Have you, a family member or someone you know, recently returned back home after many years living abroad and they are no longer as physically and mentally capable as they once were. Are they concerned for their welfare?   Do you have in place professionally prepared and registered Lasting Power of Attorney? Are you happy with ... Read More

will writing

Have you made your Will or thinking about it? Someone said the only certainties in life are death and taxes. We are not tax advisors, but we do help people prepare to have their wishes extend beyond the end of their own life and administer estates on behalf of families and loved ones. A well written will is important, whether ... Read More

human rights

Human Rights Human rights permeate every aspect of life in a civilised society. They apply regardless of where you come from, what you believe or how you choose to live your life. They can never be removed from you although sometimes, it can be restricted, e.g. if you break the law or your action infringe on the rights and freedoms ... Read More

housing disrepair

Housing Disrepair Is your Landlord – Social (Council) or private, letting you down by failing to carry out repairs to your property promptly or at all? Dealing with housing disrepair can be stressful and most of the time, froth with uncertainty which could be harmful to healthy living. For most tenants, the embarrassment of letting strangers into their home, seeing ... Read More

immigration problems

An immigration problem Building on our skills and experience, over the years, we have established strong reputation at solving often time complex immigration problems. We have a ‘can do’ attitude which reflects in our relationship with our clients faced with some of the following problems:   Assistance at airports in the UK for refusal of entry by Immigration Officer You ... Read More

A tenant or landlord being held to account for a problem

A tenant or landlord being held to account for a problem If you are a tenant We have extensive experience ensuring your rights are maintained and that agreements with landlords are upheld and fully honoured. As a tenant, you have a right to ‘quiet enjoyment’ of your home. If you are being threatened with eviction or the relationship with your ... Read More