Housing Disprepair

Is your Landlord – Social (Council) or private, letting you down by failing to carry out repairs to your property promptly or at all? Dealing with housing disrepair can be stressful and most of the time, froth with uncertainty which could be harmful to healthy living. For most tenants, the embarrassment of letting strangers into their home, seeing all the horrible state of disrepair in their property is unthinkable. Also, the fear that they might lose their home if they complain to their landlord about the state of disrepair in their home is another major reason why most tenants who lives in rented accommodation with disrepair are reluctant to complain. That should not be the case.

At Chris & Co, we are fully aware of the predicament facing tenants living in properties with disrepair. That is why we offer our housing disrepair services on a No Win No Fee. That means you don’t pay us a penny if we don’t win your case. It is that simple! And that’s why you should give us a call right now to take advantage of our expertise and commitment on a No Win No Fee. What is more, we offer free inspection of your property. If your case is successful, you may be entitled to compensation or damages and your landlord pays our costs!

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