Relationship breakdown – domestic or commercial

When a relationship and/or a family breaks down, there is so much to address. Breakdown of relationship, be it domestic or commercial, can be traumatic and stressful. Property, access to and custody of children, business interests, finance, the list goes on. It is a time when the ability to function normally or rationally is severely affected. Decisions made in time of breakup are prone to mistakes / regrets because decisions are either made in a rush without clear and analytical thinking or in anger. Sometimes, decisions are made under duress.

Having someone skilled in the relevant law is critical at such times. If you are concerned that your domestic or business relationship is coming to an end or it is actually happening and you are worried about your rights or interests, give us a call for confidential one-to-one consultation. Having someone qualified and experienced in such matters could save you money, valuable time and reduce stress and anxiety and most important of all, safeguard your physical and mental health wellbeing. Call us today.

  • Residence Order
  • Contact Order
  • Non-molestation order
  • Financial provision for the children

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