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Today, I am a business owner with employees working for me. I am happily married and permanently settled in the UK. A big thank you to Chris & Co Solicitors who fought courageously and got my deportation cancelled and my appeal allowed. I was facing deportation when Chris & Co Solicitors took on my case. They promised to do their very best and they did. I will definitely recommend Chris & Co Solicitors to anyone.
KW. Immigration deportation case

I was at the airport waiting to be deported when my partner contacted Chris & Co to assist. I was surprised how quickly Chris & Co contacted Home Office on my behalf. My flight was cancelled and Chris fought my case. I am now a British citizen and running my own business. I am truly grateful to Chris & Co Solicitors for their excellent work. I will continue to recommend them to anyone.
DL. Immigration Removal case

Being a mother with a young child, illegal and in an abusive relationship in which my ex-partner regularly threatened to deport me, I almost gave up hope. Fortunately, a friend recommended Chris & Co Solicitors. Even though my case was complicated, Chris & Co won my case and I now have residence permit and running my own business with people working for me. I am grateful to Chris & Co Solicitors for standing by me when I was illegal. I will always use them.
AT. Successful application as a Victim of domestic violence (EEA)

I entered the UK lawfully as a spouse of a British partner and we lived together in our relationship until he decided he no longer wants me. He threw me out of our matrimonial home and threatened to get me deported if I dare to challenge him. I became homeless, confused, in shock and frightened. A friend referred me to Chris & Co Solicitors. They were very helpful and supportive throughout the handling of my case. I have now been granted Indefinite Leave to Remain. I was in tears when Chris told me that I have been granted Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK. I definitely recommend Chris & Co Solicitors.
IG. Successful application as a Victim of domestic violence

I entered the UK as a child and have been living with my family here for more than 13 years. Through previous solicitors, I made several applications to the Home Office to allow me to stay. A family friend suggested I contact Chris & Co Solicitors. I am glad I did. They are easy to talk to and they made time to see you even at short notice. My JR application was successful and Home Office agreed to pay my costs. A big thank you to everyone at Chris & Co solicitors. My friends and family members are now using Chris & Co Solicitors for their immigration cases.
AJ. Successful Judicial Review application against Home Office’s decision

Sensitive, sympathetic, down-to-earth, empathy, commitment and yet professional. That is how I would describe my experience with Chris & Co Solicitors. They are so easy to talk to and they truly care about your case. Being illegal in the UK and in a same-sex relationship, my case was quite challenging. Right from the start, Chris demonstrated a genuine interest, empathy and non-judgmental and professional approach to my case throughout until successful completion. I will definitely recommend them to anyone who is in need of high quality legal advice and assistance.
R. Successful civil partnership application

Following a recommendation by one of our family friends, we visited Chris & Co Solicitors for a consultation. During the meeting, we were made to relax and given sufficient time to explain our immigration problems. They demonstrate maturity and experience especially the way they answered our questions and the various questions they asked us and how they explained the law. We decided to use their services for our case. We have now been granted residence permit. A very big thank you to Chris & Co Solicitors for their expertise.
MP & PA. Successful EEA application – Proxy Marriage

I attended marriage interview with my partner at the Home Office. After the interviewed in London, Home Office detained me and took me all the way to Dorset where they gave me papers to remove me from the UK, even though my partner was pregnant. Chris & Co Solicitors took my case and lodged a JR application and then applied for bail. After I got bail, they helped me with a fresh application to the Home Office. Now Home Office has granted me residence permit to stay with my family. Chris & Co Solicitors are very good and very quick to act on my behalf. Now I am free to live with my family in the UK. I am very happy. Thank you very much to Chris & Co Solicitors.

I entered the UK with a 6 months visa to visit my family. Shortly after I arrived, I travelled with my family to Greece for a 5 day holiday. On our return to the UK at about 02.00am, Immigration Officer cancelled my visa and refused to let me in. They wanted to return me to Greece. My family member challenged the decision. Desperate for legal advice, we found Chris & Co Solicitors’ 24hr service details online. Even though it was on a Saturday, they answered our call and took my case and by Monday, they lodged a JR application. Home Office has now reversed their decision. Chris & Co Solicitors were very professional, quick to respond, efficient and down to earth. I am highly impressed with their service. They’re a credit to the legal profession!

A very big ‘Thank you’ to everyone at Chris & Co Solicitors! Six years ago, I went to see Chris about my immigration problems. I was illegal, nervous and afraid! But Chris was very down to earth and really calmed me down. He understood my problem. He explained the law to me and assured me that all will be well in the end. Six years later, here I am with Indefinite Leave to Remain! I still can’t believe it! I am working, able to provide for my family and no more worries! It feels like a dream! I feel I am a valued member of my community. I am grateful to God and thankful to Chris for all his help with my case!

Whatever your legal challenges, get in touch. We have a ‘can do’ attitude.